Message to our volunteers: Level 5 lockdown

With the upcoming weekend being a holiday weekend, we would not have been meeting up.  Unfortunately, because of the move to Level 5 restrictions, we will not now be able to meet again for Saturday activities until the restrictions are lifted on 1 December. 
During the last lockdown many of you picked litter close to your home and you should be able to do this again as part of your permitted exercise.  As we know from last time, litter doesn’t stop just because we are in lockdown!  While we cannot organise anything formal, if you plan to continue to pick up litter local to you, please could you confirm (by text or email) the area you will be in so that we can try and cover as much of the Douglas area as we can. If replying by text, please put your name at the end of your message so that we can identify you! Many thanks.
We will return on Saturday 5 December (fingers crossed!) and also go out on Saturday 12 December. Again unfortunately due to COVID-19, we will be unable to have our annual Christmas lunch, which would normally be in mid-December.
Usually we take a break for the month of January, but this year, given we have missed so many Saturdays, we thought we would return earlier – on Saturday 9 January.
There has also been some discussion about the possibility of a big clean up (e.g. somewhere like Doman’s Wood (or similar), where we could easily social distance) between Christmas and New Year – could be as a family event –  if people are interested.  Again, please let us know if you are interested in this – we will check in again on this when we are back in December.
Many thanks to you all for your hard work through what has been a challenging year.