Common name: Herb Robert

Scientific name: Geranium robertianum

Family: Geraniaceae (Crane’s-bills)

This delightful little plant is a wonderful addition to salads.


Hairy spreading stems support fern-like divided leaves, both turn red later in the season. The flowers are 5-petaled and pink with yellow stamens. Its is widespread locally on limestone walls.


The flowers and leaves are edible and a useful addition to salads, sandwiches and green smoothies. 

Medicinal uses:

The flowers and leaves are astringent and are used to treat diarrhoea and leaky gut. Some research suggests that this plant may also have anti-mutagenic properties.


Green smoothies

Handful of wild greens (herb Robert, chickweed, nettle, sorrel, plantain), berries (wild or domestic), apple juice to sweeten

Blend all the ingredients together in a smoothie maker, adjust thickness and sweetness to suit by adding more or less apple juice. Add oats or flax seed for a more substantial breakfast smoothie.

(Part of Douglas Tidy Town’s Foraging Trail)