A message from Centra in Donnybrook

This message came in today via email from Centra in Donnybrook:

“Please give a big Thank you to all those who helped out for the clean up in the Mangala on Saturday, we really appreciated your assistance.
We had a great day on Sunday and so far have raised €1000 for Action Breast Cancer, and the donations are still coming in. Unfortunately the weather went against us and the heavens opened for the 2 hours we had designated for our walk. We did have some brave souls who battled the downpours and went walking, but the Treasure Hunt was a bit of a washout as there weren’t too many kids out in the rain!
Hopefully the lovely clean woods might encourage more people out in the future.”

Also the caretakers of the Douglas Community Association think that more than 20 bags were filled on Saturday. Wow!