Ballinlough Needs YOU!

Help clean up the area around the Japanese Gardens and Gus Healy pool on Saturday 26th May, 2012 – the first in a series of Ballinlough clean ups. Meeting at the swimming pool car park at 10am, for two hours of fresh air, community spirit and exercise!

If possible please bring one garden tool, a shovel, sweeping brush or rake. All welcome – children need to be accompanied by an adult!

Bracken Court Clean-Up

Supported by Douglas Tidy Towns volunteers, a large number of Bracken Court resident’s conducted a big spring-clean of their estate. Though Bracken Court is a well-kept estate it too has dark corners filled with rubbish. So we ended up with a large amount of bags. Thanks to everyone who gave a hand!

The other Tidy Towns volunteers weren’t idle either. Conny and Kevin painted more ESB boxes, Sheila and Barry conducted a litter pick on the Grange road and Donnybrook Hill, while Aidan did the same in the village.

Fresh colour for ESB boxes

Among the many things tackled last Saturday was the painting of some of the ESB boxes in the village – an excellent job by Brian and Kevin!

We also did the regular litter pick – in particular the Douglas Woods needed our attention. 4 bags hauled out of there alone.

Open Letter to all Douglas Business Managers

Dear Manager,

 Douglas Tidy Towns are appealing to local business managers to help Keep Douglas Clean.

 Tidy Town volunteers clean the Douglas area every Saturday throughout the year; removing litter, clearing weeds, painting out graffiti, planting flowers, cleaning signs, etc. This has positive impacts for local businesses, but we need your support to continue this effort.

 Douglas Tidy Towns are asking every Shopping Centre, Fast Food Outlet, Convenience Store, Pub, Betting Shop, Cinema, Hotel, Restaurant and Commercial Business Premises to make an effort to keep Douglas clean. The areas that we are hoping to improve in 2012 are in accordance with the Dept. of the Environment Tidy Towns Report on Douglas 2011, and are listed as follows:

  1. Upgrading the Built Environment
  2. Landscaping
  3. Wildlife & Natural Amenities
  4. Litter Control
  5. Waste Minimisation
  6. Tidiness & Graffiti
  7. Residential Areas
  8. Approach Roads & Streets

 So, as a business manager what can you do to help? Here are some general areas that perhaps you could help improve on:

  • Keep your business premises painted and maintained.
  • Keep your business premises and car park litter free
  • Provide litter bins for your customers
  • Report litter black spots to Douglas Tidy Towns
  • Plant window box flower displays or hanging baskets.

 We would be pleased to advise you in these areas. Please log on to our website for more information. Please link to the website and follow us on facebook as an illustration of your support.

 Douglas Tidy Towns have an annual competition for Best Presented SHOP FRONT / BUSINESS / WORKPLACE to encourage and reward local businesses to play their part. Please contact Douglas Tidy Towns if you have ideas about how we can work together to Keep Douglas Clean.

Regards & thanks,

Kevin T. Dalton

Secretary, Douglas Tidy Towns

Phone 021-4894955