Ballybrack Woods/Mangala open again!

Announcement from Cork County Council:

Cork County Council are delighted to announce that the Ballybrack Valley (Mangala Valley) Shared Use Cyclist & Pedestrian route will be open to the public from today (late this afternoon), Thursday the 27th of February, 2014.

 A short section of the route, approximately 10m, will remain closed temporarily – the crossing of the pedestrian bridge over the Ballybrack River onto Church Road. However this will not impact on cyclists & pedestrians using the route who will be permitted to access the route via the Lions House Car Park and over the permeable paving (the concrete grid blocks) to join the route.

The route will be publically lit, however, due to a delay in the delivery of the lighting columns these will not be in place until late March. Given the recent inclement weather which delayed the opening of the route until now, Cork County Council does not wish to inconvenience members of the public any further by continuing to keep the route closed.

We would like to extend our thanks to all residents & members of the public which this scheme affected for their patience and understanding during the construction phase.